Incorporated in 1994, our mission has always been simple: that is to provide you with the best water services at very competitive prices and with extraordinary customer service. It's that simple. We are a team of enthusiastic people who consistently respond to customer needs by offering the industry’s quickest delivery service available in our area.

Our Primary Focus

Hauling Water for drilling gas and oil wells

We also haul water for

Fire Protection - Dust Control and more...

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Oil and Gas

We haul water for drilling gas and oil wells.


Dust Control

Riverbend takes responsibility for controlling dust.



We also deliver water for a wide variety of residential purposes.


Landscape Watering

Yes, we can deliver water to your landscape project location.


Why People like us?

That is:

When a customer comes to us with their needs, we respond quickly and provide premier services at competitive rates. Being an independent business gives us perhaps the greatest competitive advantage. Our customers are always able to speak with us - the management team is always available and has been a consistent team from day one!

We support hundreds of clients in our area – and we will deliver farther than others will. Our services are extensive - supported by an extensive fleet of trucks and experienced drivers. And we're currently the quickest provider in this area. That's why we do compete so successfully with the larger companies.
With rapid changes and new regulations, Riverbend Water Hauling has made consistent capital investments and will continue to do so in the future. In other words, we have invested in the future and we will continue to invest so that we meet our customers’ demands better than anyone else can.
Absolutely! We have the drive, passion and flexibility to win new business. We have the proven value and premier services to earn the new business.